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Joanna Weibe. Linking selfies to conversion copywriting secrets, the co-founder of Copy Hackers and Airstory Joanna Weibe joined us on a live link from the US to impart her top tips for writing copy that sells, including: Start your copy with the problem, not the product. People are hungry to see themselves.

Also, get your very own copy of our new ebook with Joanna “How to Write Newsletters That Get Opened, Read, and Clicked.” About the author: Joanna Wiebe runs a conversion copywriting consultancy in Victoria, BC and is the co-creator of both Copyhackers.com and Disco Surveys, the incentivized pop-up survey for marketers.

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Joanna Wiebe is a conversion copywriter and founder of copyhackers.com and airstory.co and an international professional speaker. She's also a prize-winning author of urban fantasy. She's also a prize-winning author of urban fantasy.

Joanna Wiebe is a well known copywriter and in this episode we chat about writing conversion copy, calls to action and uncomfortably long copy.

Joanna Wiebe— "I Know This Much Is True".

“I Know This Much Is True” (@copyhackers’s MicroConf Talk).

Background for Joanna. From Copyhackers! Write and test copy — the words on your page, the words in your email, words. The things that connect you with your prospects.

Today I’m talking with Joanna Wiebe, the founder of CopyHackers.com. CopyHackers is an online resource for everything you need to know about copywriting, including many informative case studies. Her new project, Airstory , is a fantastic content production tool for high-performance writing teams.

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