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In his motivational book about writing–about finishing your damn book–McConnell takes on an informal, light-a-fire-under-your-ass tone, and he delivers to the reader the plain truth about writing: if you call yourself a writer, you have to write.

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So you can take five years like I did before I asked for help, or you can become part of a community that will keep you accountable, help you stay focused and on track, and be honest with you about your shortcomings. We’re going to do that with my new program “Finish That Damn Book.”

How To Write And Sell Your Non-Fiction Book Proposal.

You need to get off your butt and write your damn book!.

Sign up now and FINISH Your Book Proposal in ONE.

I know I have a decent book inside me about the need for a Treaty. I have 60,000 good words I’ve already written. Just get ba.

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Finish Your Damn Book is a bold, generous push from Paul Jarvis and Jason SurfrApp, two guys that have broken through that barrier, finished their books and shipped their art, over and over. The world needs your art.


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I can finish my damn novel. You can finish your damn novel or your damn poetry collection or your damn essay collection, too. We just need Coles Notes on the process–reports back from the field by people who have done it and can show us the way!

HOW To Finish Your Damn Book April 15, 2015 April 28, 2018 At the beginning of this year I wrote a post for that treasure trove of writing and publishing information, Writing.ie , about why you should finish your damn book.

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